About us

Consulting Company "Vial & Co."

Qualified services of our professionals will help to get your company to new levels

High quality of work

High quality of work

Quality is the main thing for which our clients and partners appreciate us. We are striving for uncompromising quality of our expert conclusions, evaluation reports and studies. After all, it depends on how accurate, scrupulous and attentive the experts are to make a final strategic decision.

Focus on the Customer's tasks

In the Consulting Company "Vial & Co." we know how to listen to and hear the customer. Be sure that we will take into account all the details and nuances, and will do our best to fulfill the task with the result expected of us.

We always do more than is fixed in the Contract

Our employees are not limited to make a formal decision of the task. In practice, this means that if an expert can do a more in-depth analysis or if an alternative idea emerges as a result of the study, he/she will obligatory check it and reflect in the report.

Permanent communication with the Customer

Our customers and partners always know at what stage of the project we are. We make no secret of business processes, and our experts are always available.

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Sales growth

in the first month of cooperation with us

Consulting projects

successfully implemented over 8 years of activity

Regular customers

we make your business stronger and more stable

The main types of services

  • Full legal support of activity
  • Development of an effective model of business organization
  • Elaboration of the development strategy and risk minimization
  • Corporate restructuring and management

Company "Vial & Co." provides consulting and legal services based on long experience in many business sectors and areas of law, such as corporate law, contract law, commercial law, real estate, construction, legal representation, tax law, public procurement, investments, capital markets and securities. We provide services in trade, pharmaceuticals, safety, insurance, telecommunications, retail trade, hotel business, aviation, motor-car construction, agriculture, transport and other industries.
The Сompany's mission is to provide high quality professional services, that will guarantee the customers business transit to a qualitatively new level due to introduction of modern consulting solutions. We guarantee the professional approach to the wide range needs of Ukrainian and foreign customers due to high-quality consulting services at affordable prices.