Examples of solutions consulting services

Consider briefly, for what purpose,
You can invite:
1. Consultants in General management are invited to help in solving problems related to the very existence of Your company and the prospects of Your business. They assess the state of Affairs in the whole organization and external to it environment, identify common aims and values of the organization, develop strategy of development, make forecasts, help in the organization of branches and subsidiaries provide advice on change of ownership and the ownership structure, the acquisition of assets, shares or units, improvement of organizational structures, etc. Consultants General management
2. Consultants for the administration (the administration) are such questions as the formation and registration of companies, office administration, data processing, the system of administrative control etc. Their main task is to optimize the management of the organization. The financial management system
3. Consultants for financial management assist in the solution of three main objectives: - search of sources and uses of financial resources; - assessing and improving current financial performance of the organization; - strengthening the financial position of the organization in the future. They deal with issues of financial planning and control, taxation, accounting, placement of shares and shares market, credit, insurance, profit and cost, insolvency etc., the Consultants on financial management
4. Consultants on human resource management develop solutions for issues of selection of employees, quality control personnel, remuneration system, training and management of personnel, labor protection and psychological climate in the team. Their main task is to help managers to optimize the involvement and use of such key for any organization resource, as the human factor. Consultants on HR
5. Our marketing consultants provide managers with assistance in solving vital for any enterprise operating in a market economy, objectives: ensuring its operation to produce its goods and services were purchased by the consumer. They deal with issues of market research and provide decisions in the field of marketing, pricing, advertising, new product development, etc., Because in a market economy, the most difficult problem for the enterprise is not production, and sale of products, marketing is one of the most important areas of Advisory business support. Marketing consultant
6. The consultants in the organization of production, versed in the economic, managerial and engineering matters assist managers help in solving such problems as the choice of manufacturing process technology, boosting productivity, assessment and quality control, analyzing production costs, production planning, use of equipment and materials, design and product development, evaluation works etc., the Consultants in the organization of production
7. Consultants for information technology develop recommendations for the implementation of computer-aided design (CAD) and automated control systems (management information system), information retrieval systems, application of computers in accounting and other quantitative methods for assessing the activity of the enterprise. Consultants for information technology
8. Specialized consulting services are those services that does not belong to any of the seven groups described. They differ from them either in methods or in objects, or the nature of embedded knowledge (engineering consulting, legal consulting, etc.).