The main objective of the consulting

The Main purpose of consulting is to improve the quality of leadership, increasing effectiveness of the company's activities and increase the individual productivity of each employee. The purpose of consulting In any cases, clients seek the help of a consulting company? According to popular belief, the services of external consultants mainly and primarily on those organizations that were in a critical position. However, the help in critical situations - is not the main function of consulting. In any cases, and who seeks the help of a consulting company? First , in cases where an enterprise having the status of a reliable, outlines the restructuring of the entire system associated with either extension or change of ownership or fundamental change of the spectrum of activity of the enterprise and refocusing it on the more promising and/or best business. Video 5 second, in cases where an enterprise having the status of a reliable, in order to establish its position in the market and create the necessary image in the eyes of potential partners, seek the services of the consultant (e.g., auditor), to conduct an audit of its activities (e.g. audit) and then making the results public. Video 6 And, finally, thirdly, in those cases when the enterprise is in a critical position (or even on the verge of collapse) and on their own from that position to get unable due to lack of experience and internal resources for adequate and timely reaction to the situation. The services of a consultant (consulting firm) in this case are in the nature of the crisis consulting.